About Us

What is R U Coding Me All About?

R U Coding Me LLC

R U Coding Me LLC was formed to help businesses and individuals learn and leverage technology in the rapidly expanding Age of Information.

It all started with a metric ton of coffee and a catchy name. We’ve been working with businesses, brands and students since 2021.

Make Technology Accessible

Our goal is to make technology less confusing and easy to operate. If you’re going to spend money on a product, you might as well get the most out of it!

Whether you’re getting your business online or want to learn how to do it yourself, we’ll always have your back.

Need a (better) Website For Your Business?

Leverage our team of Computer Scientists and UI/UX designers to build a website users will actually visit.

Need to Go mobile?

When a website just won’t cut it, we can create a PWA or native phone app users will want to keep.

How's Your Online Branding

Our marketing specialists can ensure your brand earns a good reputation with new and existing users.

Don't Want to Manage Any of it?

We’ll be more than happy to manage your online services or show you how to do it in our handshake meeting.

Stay Ahead of the Competition


The best kind of investments are the ones that consistently work for you.

We work individually with businesses to develop online solutions that drive traffic, boost sales and increase marketing goals.

Our Happy Clients

At R U Coding Me, we succeed when you succeed! Our webservices deliver results your business can depend on. But don’t just take our word for it.

Let's Get Your Business Online

It'll take 2 minutes to get a free Project quote for your business!

R U Coding Me LLC