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Thanks for stopping by, my name is Jacob; founder and CEO of R U Coding Me LLC. It has been a crazy past couple of months dreaming of this company and finally executing! It is very exciting to see all of this unfold and develop into the vision I had years ago, and it is even better to do so with friends and family!

How R U Coding Me LLC Started

I had the idea to start this company after helping many of my colleagues with programming during my Bachelor’s of Computer Science program at the University of Central Florida (charge on!). As I learned to program, many of the resources on these subjects felt difficult to grasp. If it weren’t for my CS background, I don’t know if I would have been able to progress. Having the support from UCF faculty really helped me get my foot in the door. Further, I would not have been drawn to study CS if it weren’t for faculty at SPC. Having that passionate community of programmers and computer scientists was really what got me started in the right direction.

While I have always dreamed of having my own company, the first thing that I wanted to do was to pay this forward to others who are curious about programming for a career. Usually, people must pay a large amount of money and pay for expensive programs just to see if they are interested in programming. Thus, those who do not have the time or money do not have the chance to really get into programming.

To fix this, we offer a much more affordable option that is perfect for those looking to get their feet wet with programs or even get access to top-notch materials in a particular area! Our courses are competitively priced and are much more inclusive than some of the other “bare bones” courses that only teach the essentials. We structure this material so that it is as streamlined as possible -making it easier to learn how to code!

The Future of R U Coding Me

For right now, we’re going to be focusing on creating more courses for our tutorials program. We want to cover enough content so that you will be confident applying for programming jobs and entering career-specific programs at other institutions. We want to have enough projects that both inspire our students and offer amazing resume items so that they will be very successful finishing our programs.

This will entail more language courses and a few fundamentals courses that discuss various processes in the programming field. We’re working hard to develop these as soon as possible, but do not know when these will be released. Currently, they will all be in English, but could expand into other languages if we receive a high enough demand for this. The main concern is we will have to reshoot all of the tutorials in that specific language, or perfectly dub the tutorial in the specific language.

Once we have completed this objective, we will begin developing our first standalone application! While I’d love to talk about it now, I don’t want to reveal anything too soon >:D

Of course, we will post teasers and updates on this once development is underway. But for now, we’ll be focusing on tutorials and spreading the word of our company!

R U Coding Me Updates

For more updates on the company, follow us on social media! We are on Instagram as r.u.coding.me for daily posts. We have also set up a YouTube channel for video content at R U Coding Me.

Thank you for checking out our company, and we hope to see you again soon!


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