TempleOS: The Controversial Project With Over 100,000 Lines of Code

TempleOS, The JIT OS written in Holy C

TempleOS: The OS Built By A One-Man Army You have probably heard of C, C++ and C#. But have you heard of Holy C? In 2019, a friend had jokingly told me to code up our homework in Holy C. When I searched for the documentation on this language, I quickly found out that this […]

3 Easy Ways to Create a Free Website For Your Business

3 EASY Ways to create a free website for your business

The Free Website Notion We’ve all thought about having a free website for our business, brand or portfolio. One of the most difficult things to do is fork over hundreds of dollars each year for websites people will hardly visit. Not to mention, how long it will take to set it all up. If you are just starting […]

How long does it take to develop a website or progressive web app (PWA)?

Well, it Depends… I get it. You want to know how long it’ll take to develop your website or software project. As a developer, I understand that you’re looking for an answer to this question as quickly as possible so that you can plan your budget, schedule and resources. But there’s one thing you need […]

Multidimensional Arrays in C With Example

Wait, You Said There Wouldn’t Be Any More Pointers! No, if you recall from last time, I mentioned there could be pointers that point to other pointers. How could you think we wouldn’t cover this! Plus, there is something super cool we can do with this so stay tuned! Multidimensional arrays as the name implies, means […]

5 Essential C Libraries AND How to Make Your Own

It’s Bad Enough I Have To Write Code, Now I Have To Read At C Libraries? No, but I love the visual! Libraries are utilities we can use to in our programs to save us a lot of time from writing functions we often use. For instance, programming would not be nearly as fun if […]

Efficiently Debugging C Programs

What is Debugging? Overview of Debugging Debugging is an art form, rather than a science. Debugging is the act of removing any issues that you may have in your code. The term was coined back in the day when they wrote programs on paper sheets! Some programmers at Harvard found a moth in their system […]

Take User Input in C With Coding Project Example

Processing User Input in C One way to make your programs cooler is to take inputs from users! There are two primary ways to do this. One is to specify command line arguments, where the user will provide additional arguments to the command. One common example is the GCC compiler. In order for this to compile […]

Pointers in C Made Easy

Pointers in C What are pointers? Why do we even need these? Why can’t I find my wallet? Great questions, let’s dive in! Pointers are a type of data type we can use in C. They are unique from the other data types we’ve covered so far. Rather than storing a value in memory, they […]

C Programs With Conditional Statements

Conditional Statements in C Conditional statements in C are critical for doing any sort of fun stuff in your programs. With conditions, we can introduce branches into our programs. If a state is true, then we can do this set of code. Otherwise, let’s do the other branch. We can have sub-branches, combine multiple conditions and […]

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