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Learn C Programming

Learn C Programming Series

Learn C Programming

Many consider C to be the most difficult starting language. We say otherwise. Our course is designed for absolute beginners and scales all the way up to Dynamic Memory Allocation.

Learn C Programming

+14 In Depth Lessons
Live Examples
Project Ideas
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Staying Safe online

Staying Safe Online

Staying Safe Online Guide

Identity theft is not a joke, Jim. Millions of families suffer every year. Protect yourself with multiple layers of protection, like VPNs, secure browsers, multifactor and identity theft insurance.

Staying Safe Online

1 Comprehensive Guide
Updated with new Best Practices Regularly
Safe Browsing Habits Checklist
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We need more tech-literate people in the world

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Free Text/Video Lessons. No signups, no credit cards. It's free real estate.

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Each course took hundreds of hours to compose. Every course was created by an expert with years of experience.

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No. You can jump to topics you want to learn.

We are not accepting course suggestions at this time. However, we will make an announcement on our social media when this changes.

Courses have text and video components for each topic. Courses with activities will be marked for you to do on your own system.

In each programming course, we cover how to set up a programming environment. If you cannot do this on your system, we recommend a service like Replit to run code on their system.

Understanding how they work is important. Start by programming these from scratch without using notes/Internet.

Sign up to PicoCTF or launch a vulnerable virtual machine on your own system. Get written permission before you use a machine/network that doesn’t belong to you.

We currently do not have one, but will create one if there is enough interest.

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