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Our Web Design Project Portfolio

All of the work below has been sampled from R U Coding Me’s portfolio projects and previous clients. Our team is able to create custom designs that best communicate to your target audience.

NOTE: All rights reserved to R U Coding Me LLC and/or our respective clients.

Tech No! Software

Portfolio Project

In this project, we created a comprehensive website to promote their SaaS product and spread awareness for the imaginative company.

Wild Root Creations LLC

We migrated Jen’s website from Wix.com and created a bespoke online portfolio that showcases the artwork of Wild Root Creations.

On the technical side, we created a solution that links third-party eCommerce applications and CRM emailing software. Available gallery pieces are rapidly indexed to the online portfolio section when one is sold.

Pristine Property Maintenance LLC

We helped Billy create his brand from the ground up, including logos, animations as well as a brand new website.

Within the first month, our website received over one thousand unique visitors. Billy receives one or two phone calls a day from the website -lowering the cost of client acquisition.

Pristine Property Maintenance LLC, one of our business website design clients.

Samantha's Floral Arrangements

Portfolio Project

We wanted to test our technical ability by delivering a stunning one-page website without lazy-loading media or using a CDN for our mock client, Samantha. By doing this, we can offer lower hosting costs for lower traffic sites by cutting out the cost of premium services. For low-moderate traffic websites, we can create an effective solution that loads in less than 2 seconds on Desktop.

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